EE Policy Headlines

4/23/08: Politicians Promote Environmental Education at House Field Hearing

FoE Issues Alert Regarding New History Textbook with Biased Climate Assertions

4/22/08: NPR reports on how science lessons on climate change have the potential to divide teachers, students, and classrooms

4/22/08: Daila Lama - Education, Personal Responsibility Key to Environmentally Sound Future

4/17/08: Chronicle of Philanthropy Reports on Children and Nature

3/26/08: Reps Inslee and Sarbanes get Energy Conservation Corps grant program included in House Bill

3/14/08: Congress Designates April 28 as 'National Healthy Schools Day'

3/13/08: College students seeing green as the way to go

3/4/08: SNOWE and Collins Introduce Green Chemistry R and D Act

2/18/08: College Students Demand 'Organic' Fare

2/14/08: Calling All Students: Bill Clinton Wants You

2/8/08: Blumenauer's Higher Education Sustainability Act Passes House

1/31/08: Survey: 'Green' Actions Not Bound by Political Persuasion

12/27/07: Environmental education gaining ground in schools

12/25/07: A Threat So Big, Academics Try Collaboration

12/19/07: Congress Approves Energy Bill (HR 6) Promoting Efficient, Renewable Energy on Campuses

Blumenauer's Higher Education Sustainability Act Passes House

Go Team Green! How Green Classrooms Are Reconnecting Kids with Nature

12/11/07: Senator Murray Introduces HESA

11/21/07: Bayer Foundation Awards $1.5M for Science, Sustainability and EE

11/20/07: Vermont Governor Announces Next Steps on Climate Change

11/14/07: Utah faces its growing climate crisis

11/14/07: Environment Teacher Numbers Low

10/29/07: Lessons about Climate Change Pose Many Challenges for teachers

10/25/07: Schools Embrace Environment and Sow Debate

10/24/07: Environmental and Education Leaders Call on Congress to Pass the No Child Left Inside Act

10/13/07: Illinois EPA and Attorney General's Office Clash Over EE Cash

10/11/07: Climate Education to be included in new SimCity Societies videogame

10/3/07: NOAA Announces Environmental Literacy Grant Recipients for 2007

9/29/07: Inconvenient Youths

9/25/07: Blumenauer Introduces the Higher Education Sustainability Act

9/24/07: Representative Ehlers Encourages Sustainability in Higher Education

9/6/07: Education key to financial support for biodiversity

8/20/07: American Campuses Get Greener Than Ever

8/10/07: Getting Schools to Think and Act Green

8/1/07: Universities in Mass. and N.H. Selected for EPA Sustainability Research Grants

8/1/07: Governor Beebe: Arkansas Should Be Leader In Environmental Education

7/19/07: Giving Children An Outdoor Education

7/17/07: Md. congressman aims to boost enviro awareness in schools

7/11/07: No Ecosystem Left Behind

6/23/07: Ontario liberals unveil green education program

6/19/07: Getting Lost in the Great Indoors

6/13/07: College Leaders Push for Carbon Neutrality

6/8/07: BP and ARCO ampm Strengthen Energy Conservation Education

5/26/07: Agencies and organizations testify before Congress at "No Child Left Inside" hearing

5/23/07: Forest Services Strives to Improve Children

5/22/07: Forest Service Aims To Close Nature deficit Gap

5/21/07: Joint resources panel asks, 'Where are the kids?'

5/14/07: Obama Bill Provides Every American with Tools to Fight Climate Change

5/6/07: Science Tests Come as Teaching Time Falls

None Dare Call It Hubris: The Limits of Knowledge

Top 10 Forecasts from Outlook 2007 include Nature Deficit Disorder

5/5/07: Colorado Legislature Passes Environmental Sustainability Education Bill

4/30/07: Environmental science marginalized by federal act, teachers say

4/20/07: Campuses moving to forefront of green building, education

4/11/07: Columbia City Paper: Statehouse Report 4/11

4/9/07: The Greening Of America's Campuses
College students across the country are fired up about global warming, and they're gathering online to agitate for change. Is this the next big youth movement?

3/31/07: Outdoor education must not be scrapped

3/30/07: Landmark Bill Passed to Fund Outdoor Classrooms

3/28/07: Honda Introduces Global Warming Education Act

3/1/07: Ontario eyes adding environmental studies to school curriculums

2/26/07: Education key to resolving environmental conflicts, DEQ chief says

2/18/07: Microscopes vs. Video Games: For the Sake of Our Nation, Schools Must Teach More Science
This well-written OpEd in the Chicago Sun-Times argues that Congress strengthen the No Child Left Behind Act to include "hands-on" science and experience in nature.

2/05/07: FY08 Forest Service Budget Calls for Land Sales To Support Conservation Education, Public Access, and Habitat Improvement

2/2/07: UK Announces that All Pupils Will Be Given Lessons in Climate Change
As part of a major review of the secondary school curriculum by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the British Government's exams watchdog, education for sustainable development - covering issues such as energy saving and recycling - will be a compulsory part of the curriculum, starting in September 2008.

2/2/07: Copies of "An Inconvenient Truth" to be Given to British Schools
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's global warming documentary will be sent to every secondary school in England as part of a campaign to tackle climate change.

1/30/07: JOSI Gives US Ocean Education Policy a Grade of D+
The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative recently released it?s 2006 Report Card on U.S. Ocean Policy, giving Education, Research, Science and Education a collective grade of D+.

1/19/07: Over 70 Refuge Positions Cut in 8 Midwest States
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is making drastic reductions and redeployments of staff in the National Wildlife Refuge System throughout the Midwest region. The consequence of these reductions will be the elimination of environmental education programs for school children, endangered species recovery programs, reduced habitat management and law enforcement.

1/8/07: How Bush Education Law Has Changed Our Schools
USA TODAY explains five major ways that the No Child Left Behind Act has changed school for our children.

12/19/06: 'Sustainability' Gains Status on US Campuses
The Christian Science Monitor explores how university programs are increasingly focusing research and resources on environmental and social responsibility

11/22/06: Nature Programs' Goal: No Child Left Inside
USA TODAY reports further on the burgeoning, nationwide back-to-nature movement to reconnect children with the outdoors.

11/21/06: Groups Aim to 'Plant Seeds' with Kids
USA TODAY reports on the "boom in programs to connect media-focused children with the outdoors."

10/11/06: EPA Announces New Higher Education Environmental Management Grant
EPA announced today that it will provide a five-year award of up to $350,000 to several university organizations to develop an online resource center for the education sector.

11/9/06: NOAA Announces Deadline for Two 2007 Environmental Literacy Grant Programs

11/1/06: Effort to Give Students a Bay Experience Has Slow But Sure Learning Curve
The Bay Journal reports on the Chesapeake Bay Program?s progress towards giving every Bay watershed student a meaningful watershed experience, concluding that the curriculum and funding are there, but not all schools are taking full advantage.

10/20/06: The Sustainable University
The Chronicle of Higher Education issues a comprehensive Special Report on the sustainability movement in higher education.

9/26/06: More University Students Call for Organic, 'Sustainable' Food
USA TODAY reports on the growing movement to incorporate organic, sustainably-grown food on college campuses.

9/15/06: Lowe?s Announces New Grant Program for Outdoor Classroom Projects
Lowe?s Charitable and Educational Foundation, International Paper and National Geographic Explorer! classroom magazine have partnered to create an outdoor classroom grant program to provide schools with additional resources to improve their science curriculum by engaging students in hands-on experiences outside the traditional classroom.

9/11/06: An Inconvenient Truth About Youth
The Washington Post asserts that the inconvenient truth today is that youths' willingness to conserve gas, heat and energy has taken a precipitous plunge since the 1980s, and that they expect the government to solve environmental problems for them. Two college students respond with a different perspective.

9/7/06: U.S. Colleges to Buy Green Power in MTV Competition
Energy Action is teaming with MTV to encourage U.S. university students to demand their schools get more energy from renewable energy sources.

8/15/06: The 2006 Top 10 K-12 Green High Schools in the U.S.
The Green Guide announces its choices for the 2006 Top 10 Green K-12 Schools in the U.S.

7/13/06: Comprehensive Survey of State Environmental Education Capacity Released
The National Environmental Education Advancement Project releases the results of the "50 States Survey," a comprehensive study of the status of environmental education programs in the 50 states.

6/29/06: Environmental Education Lacking in the U.S. Finds New Study
A new study found that there is no consensus at all across the nation about whether or not human-environment interactions should be part of science education. The researchers found more emphasis on how people and society affect the environment than on how the environment affects people and society.

6/26/06: Energy Literacy - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Five big things all Americans should know about energy

5/29/06: Early Education Key To Scientific Career Choice
A University of Virginia study found that teenage career preferences are a more reliable indicator than mathematical aptitude for predicting which students become scientists, suggesting a flaw in federal education strategies.

5/04/06: License Plates Seen as Way to Fund Programs
AB 1649, a bill to permanently establish and fund the state of California Outdoor Education Program through the environmental license plate fund, moved on to the Senate Appropriations Committee last week. The bill could generate more than $1 million a year for outdoor education.

4/21/06: The Greenest Generation
NYTimes columnist calls on college students to mount a campaign to make every college carbon-neutral.

3/16/06: Georgia DNR to Grant Funds for Wildlife Education Projects
Organizations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as schools and local governments throughout the state, are invited to send in proposals for watchable wildlife and wildlife education projects.

3/15/06: Environmentalism is Born with Exposure to Nature Before Age 11A new study out of Cornell University suggests that environmentalism is born in children who are exposed to nature before the age of 11. Researchers found that "wild" nature activities in childhood are correlated to adult interest in the environment.

3/15/06: Washington State Legislature Authorizes Environmental Education Study
HB 2910 requires the superintendent of public instruction to do a study on how outdoor environmental education benefits Washington students, families, and communities, with a priority on underserved children from all regions of the state.

2/8/06: Hawaii May Add 7 Environmental Charter Schools
With the support of the governor, the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources proposes spending $3 million to help start seven new charter schools whose curricula would emphasize environmental education.

2/6/06: 'Life-changing benefits' of School Trips
A new British study confirms that school field trips positively influence how students treat their environment, how they behave and the lifestyle choices they make.

1/24/06: Fresh Funding to Further Marine Education Efforts
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is making $350,000 in grants available as part of a recent expansion of the Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) program into Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California.

1/8/06: The Greening of America's Campuses
The New York Times documents the growing national movement towards sustainability in campus operations and curricula.

1/1/06: Chesapeake Bay Education Summit
A new Watershed Education Agreement committing signatories to continue existing programs for the long term is signed, and National Geographic announced it was creating a ?Chesapeake Bay Geography Education Fund,? with a $2 million endowment to promote geography and environmental education in schools.

12/9/05: NOAA Announces 2006 Education Funding Opportunities
The NOAA Office of Education (OEd) is issuing a request for applications for environmental literacy projects.

12/4/05: Ecoliteracy and Nature?s Deficit Disorder
Kevin Coyle and the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation issue a new report, Environmental Literacy in America, showing that most Americans believe they know more about the environment than they actually do.

11/12/05: Agriculture bill includes funding for Black Belt farmers
Also included in this major federal funding bill: over $400,000 for environmental education in Alabama, as announced by Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL).

11/7/05: Organizations Unite to Call for Renewed Conservation Commitment
One hundred people representing the private sector, voluntary organizations, education, and federal and state government came together this weekend in West Virginia to participate in the Conservation Learning Summit.

10/28/05: EPA Administrator announces restructuring of the OEE
The EPA's Office of Environmental Education will be combined with its Office of Children's Health Protection.

10/20/05: First lady touts children's conservation program in visit to Denver
First lady Laura Bush visited Denver on Thursday to promote a conservation education program, saying children spend too much time indoors in front of computers and televisions.

9/19/05: ELC releases new report
This report offers a new perspective that reinforces the need for strong leaders who have the capacity to move environmental work towards a collaborative, innovative future.

9/7/05: Chicago opens a rare 'green' school
Youngsters at Tarkington Elementary started their first day of classes at an environmentally friendly school, a stand-out because it sits in a major city better known for steel and concrete.

8/28/05: Fresh gets invited to the cool table
At a time when many school cafeterias are still serving traditional, mass-produced food, Middlebury has replaced ''mystery meat'' and canned vegetables with locally raised meats and produce.

8/25/05: Governor Pataki signs bill to promote the use of green cleaning products in schools
Governor Pataki first announced his intent to require schools to use "green cleaning" products during his January 2005 State of the State speech.

8/4/05: Starbucks Foundation provides grants for environmental education
Known thoughout the world for their cafe lattes, coffeemaker Starbucks has now ventured into the world of environmental education.

8/3/05: Chesapeake Bay area Senators introduce new legislation to enhance Chesapeake Bay clean-up efforts
Senator Paul S. Sarbanes (D-MD), joined by other U.S. Senators throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, has introduced legislation renewing the federal commitment to the health of the Bay.

July/August 2005: America's Top 10 Green Schools
The Green Guide offers its top picks for the nation?s most environmentally successful schools.

7/29/05: Rendell Administration announces environmental education grants
Grants were awarded to schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, and county conservation districts to create and develop projects that will help increase environmental literacy in PA.

7/11/05: Grants to provide lessons in nature
School children in Arizona will get the opportunity to participate in environmental education projects at their school thanks to proceeds from the Arizona state lottery fund.

7/11/05: AEESP Research and Education Conference
Clarkson University will host the inaugural biennial Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors? (AEESP) Research and Education Conference July 23 ? July 27.

7/5/05: Gaylord Nelson, founder of "Earth Day", dead at the age of 89
Gaylord Nelson, 89, the three-term Democratic senator from Wisconsin who introduced mainstream America to the modern environmental movement by founding Earth Day, died yesterday at his home.

7/5/05: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty cuts critical environmental education programs
Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) of Minnesota used his authority to line-item veto critical environmental education programs.

7/1/05: American Institutes for Research Study on environmental education
The American Institutes for Research released a new study showing improved science scores and other benefits among at-risk sixth grade students who participated in environmental education.

6/29/05: Campaign for Environmental Literacy is featured in E: the Environmental Magazine!
Please click here to read an article by author Jim Motavalli about the launch of the Campaign for Environmental Literacy. This publication reaches thousands of people all across the country!

6/27/05: Building an outdoor classroom
With grants from local and statewide organizations, students from a Maryland town have turned a local park into a place where they can further their environmental education.

6/26/05: Colleges compete to shrink their mark on the environment
Colleges and universities across the country are moving in ways large and small to employ environmentally friendly practices throughout their campuses.

6/24/05: Virginia future farmers put new spin on current events
Take 16 Virginia high school students. Send them down the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers in canoes and kayaks with veteran Chesapeake Bay Foundation educators. For 30 days. And 355 miles.

5/25/05: new book--"Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder"
On National Public Radio's Morning Edition, author Richard Louv talks about his new book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder. Louv argues that kids are so plugged into television and video games that they've lost their connection to the natural world. Click here to hear the interview with Louv.

5/10/05: Growing up denatured
This article explores how today's childhood experiences distance young people from nature.

5/5/05: House committee slices EPA budget by $320 million
The House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee has released its proposed federal FY 2006 Interior Appropriations Bill. Included: a $9 million appropriation for the OEE!

4/25/05: Campaign for Environmental Literacy is launched
The Campaign for Environmental Literacy is proud to help the EE community secure the federal investment it deserves and needs! Please be sure to check out our Campaign launch press release.

4/8/05: New NOAA environmental literacy grants now available
Exciting news for the EE field: a new grant opportunity is available, thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Office of Education and Sustainable Development.

4/5/05: Idaho Legislature Issues Sustainability Education Resolution
In perhaps the first state action of its kind, the Idaho legislature has passed a resolution directing "Idaho institutions of higher learning to encourage the stewardship and increase awareness that will lead the state to a sustainable future."

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