What is EE?
Why is EE Important?
Summary of Amendment
Amendment Benefits
State Strategies

National Overview:  States and Environmental Education (EE)

  • 45 states have organized EE associations.
  • 25 states have model EE schools.
  • 21 states offer a state EE grant program.
  • 20 states have an EE master plan.
  • 19 states have a state EE Board (one-third of those are within the Department of Education; two-thirds within Department of Natural Resources or Environmental Protection).
  • 17 states have an EE office within state government.
  • 15 states have adopted formal EE learning objectives/outcomes.
  • 12 states conduct student assessments that include EE.
  • 9 states offer an EE teacher certification program.
  • 7 states have a statute or bylaw encouraging EE.
  • 6 states mandate EE in their K-12 public schools.
  • 6 states conduct a state-wide public environmental literacy assessment.
  • 4 states have created a functioning permanent EE Trust Fund (Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Ohio).