Why Sign-On As A Partner

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By working collectively with other organizations, your efforts are leveraged with theirs for maximum impact and effectiveness. As a result, your organization's voice will ring more loudly in the ears of decision makers on Capitol Hill - a reality that only increases all our chances for success. What?s more, your successes will be those of the entire field?not just one organization.

  • CEL staff carry the load of coordination, monitoring progress and activity on the Hill, providing expert information and political strategy, and drafting letters, thus minimizing the impact of campaign work on your organization and its staff. We will invite your organization to take an active role in specific initiatives as you feel are appropriate. Such activities can be as quick and easy as adding your organization?s name to the bottom of a letter to Congress or sending CEL action alerts to your listserv, or as involved as contacting members of Congress in order to educate them on funding issues important to the field and participating in strategy sessions.

  • You can easily keep your members updated and involved in advocacy work by sending them to our ?action center? website page.

  • Your organization will gain visibility as a supporter of national advocacy and education work with the public in general and the environmental/sustainability education communities in particular.

CEL?s success to date in restoring $14 million of funding has clearly shown that the environmental/sustainability education community can come together and effectively make its collective voice heard. Adding your voice will help make your community just that much stronger!